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Orlando Figes - News

Orlando Figes will lead a cultural tour of Russia in September 2019. For More details see here.

Orlando Figes's new book, Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991, was published as part of the Pelican relaunch in 2014. Follow Orlando on twitter (@orlandofiges) for the latest news.

To listen to a three-part series of radio programmes on Russian cultural history by Orlando Figes go to the voiceofrussia site and download it free from there.

To listen to a BBC History Magazine podcast of Orlando Figes talking about Just Send Me Word go to the iTunes store and download it for free from the History Extra podcast by BBC Magazines (No. 70: Letters from the USSR).

For a video of Orlando Figes speaking about Just Send Me Word at the 5x15 Event go to the vimeo site and find it there (44510818).

For a TV video interview with Orlando Figes about Just Send Me Word go to the Hanser Verlag site or find it on Youtube.

To listen to Orlando Figes talking about Just Send Me Word on Voice of Russia visit the voiceofrussia site.

For a podcast of the National Theatre event with Alex Jennings and Jacqueline Defferary reading Lev and Svetlana's letters from Just Send Me Word go to iTunes and downlaod it for free from Podcasts by National Theatre (48676165).

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